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Google Workspace to strip privacy control from admins, re-enable tracking

Users that shut off "Web & App Activity" will have data retention turned back on.

Starting on March 29, Google is changing its infamous "Web & App Activity" controls for paid users of Google Workspace. That feature is now being split up into two settings, one still called "Web & App Activity" and another called "Search history." The big news is that Google is taking advantage of this settings split to re-enable some tracking features, even if users have previously opted out.

Google has started emailing Workspace administrators about the change (thanks, Hacker News), and a support page gives some details about what's going on. Both the email and support page are incredibly confusing—even Google's own employees have a hard time parsing Google's privacy controls—but we'll try to shed some light on the situation.


Courtesy of Ars Technica

Article Author: Ron Amadeo