OVH datacenter disaster shows why recovery plans and backups are vital

A picture taken on March 10, 2021 shows a view of a cloud data center of French Internet Service Provider OVH after the building was damaged in a fire in Strasbourg, eastern France.

European cloud computing giant OVH announced today that a major fire destroyed one of its Strasbourg datacenters and damaged another, while the company also shut down two other datacenters located at the site as a precautionary measure. Nobody was reported to have been injured.

While AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud usually garner most of the limelight in the cloud computing realm, OVH is one of the bigger ones outside the “big three” with 27 datacenters globally, 15 of which are in Europe. Today’s disaster, which was thought to have taken more than 3.5 million websites offline, comes during a major period of activity for France-based OVH, after it recently announced a partnership with Atos to offer fully EU-made cloud services in an industry dominated by Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. And just this week, OVH revealed that it was in the early planning stages of going public.


Courtesy of VentureBeat

Article Author: Paul Sawers

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