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The Great Google Account Purge starts tomorrow for inactive users

Any accounts lined up for deletion should have gotten warning emails by now.

Hello fellow procrastinators. This is your last-minute warning that you have until the end of the day to log in to any inactive Google accounts before they start getting deleted on December 1. Google is going to wipe any accounts that have been "inactive" for two years, allowing the company to free up storage space, delete unused personal data, and continue the ongoing journey of intense cost cutting it has been on for the past year.

The plan to do this was announced in May, and Google says inactive accounts should get "multiple notifications over the months leading up to deletion, to both the account email address and the recovery email (if one has been provided)," so hopefully this isn't a surprise to anyone. The company says it will "take a phased approach" to deleting accounts, starting with "accounts that were created and never used again," so even if you're reading this on December 1, there's probably still time to log in to an old account and save it.


Courtesy of Ars Technica

Article Author: Ron Amadeo