You’ll be able to run Windows 11 on older PCs—if you install the update manually

You won't see it in Windows Update, but Microsoft won't stop you from running it.

Microsoft officially announced some small additions to Windows 11's official CPU support list today, along with additional details about the operating system's security requirements. But another, quieter announcement should quell more of the system requirement-related angst: the Verge reports that Microsoft won't stop you from performing manual installs of Windows 11 on systems that don't meet the official requirements. That means that people running Windows 10 on unsupported systems won't be offered Windows 11 through Windows Update, but you'll still be able to update if you download an ISO file and perform an upgrade or a clean install manually.

This will be a particular boon to PCs right on the border of Windows 11's system requirements, like those running 6th- or 7th-generation Intel Core CPUs or first-generation AMD Ryzen processors. These chips are missing support for a few esoteric optional security requirements but can otherwise meet the performance and Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 requirements and still get modern DCH driver support from Intel, AMD, and most PC OEMs.


Courtesy of Ars Technica

Article Author: Andrew Cunningham

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